The power and features of EventBooth, in a beautiful kiosk style Photo Station!

Meet EventBooth Photo Station, a new take on the future of photo booths. Perfect for weddings, trade shows, conferences, or corporate gatherings, the EventBooth Photo Station combines everything you need into a stylish, lightweight, and sophisticated housing. It’s all-in-one design gives you everything you'll need to keep your guests snapping pictures all night, in a unit you won’t want to hide at the back of your event.

Touch Screen Interface

EventBooth Photo Station was designed to put the EventBooth Application front and center. A large touch-screen display greets your guest, allowing them to browse photos, snap their own, and print or send an email in just a few quick taps

Easy Setup

Built from lightweight aluminum, EventBooth Photo Station is extremely portable. Breaking down into two pieces for shipping, EventBooth Photo Station can be setup in under 5 minutes!

Professional Lighting

Regardless of where you put EventBooth Photo Station, your guests are always in the right light. With a professional grade 5400k light, photos come out looking sharp and natural.

Accent Lighting

With custom LED lighting, EventBooth Photo Station can be accented to match your event or brand. Easily choose from 20 colors, with the included wireless remote control.

Photo Station Front View
Photo Station Front Profile
Photo Station Rear Profile
Photo Station Rear View

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